Braking Performance

World Leading Carbon-Carbon & Carbon-Ceramic Brake Technology
Legendary Stopping Power

Superior braking characteristics and extraordinarily lightweight.

Meticulous Manufacture

Unique patented next-generation Carbon-Ceramic Technology providing the ultimate braking performance for road and track

300,000km Lifespan

Up to 3 times more wear than other brake pads

Ultra Durable

3rd Generation LCCM Carbon Carbon composite production process.

Improved Handling

Up to 70% lighter than steel rotors.

Max Operating Temp 2000°C

Carbon-Carbon Braking Developed for Formula 1 Applications have virtually zero brake fade.

Next Generation Technology

Zero Compromise.

Highest Quality Raw Materials.

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Looks To Kill

Not Just For the Racetrack

We believe in versatility, which means your F1, F2 ,F3 and F4 series brakes will be able to go wherever life takes you. From the track to the street, for those who demand more, a LeMyth braking system can be customised to the level of performance and comfort to best suits your needs.
High Performance Military Grade Technology

Advanced Aviation Technologies brought to the Civilian Market

LeMyth engineer products that will exceed all braking standards and out perform other comparable products in the marketplace. We know only the highest standards will do when you need a performance out on the track.

Enter Into A World Of Performance

Innovation forged by next generation Research and Development

Technologies 1:29

Watch our patented interweaving and 3D needling technology on preformed carbon fiber bodies. A world’s first continuous carbon fiber technology surpassing previous generation chopped fiber components.

Development 2:20

From our Composites Research Lab to race testing, LeMyth develop new patented technologies for class leading tolerances and performance characteristics.

Application 1:45

In application, LeMyth’s experimentation and revolutionary braking solutions combine performance and comfort, to improve not only functionality, but the visual appeal of a beautifully designed aftermarket braking solution.

LeMyth - Disc Rotors

This continuous fiber Carbon-Carbon disc rotor is designed primarily for use on the racetrack and is produced to withstand the brake fade that comes with higher temperatures and speeds. LeMyth has developed it’s unique patented continuous Carbon-Carbon Technology and represents a next generation evolution of braking technology for the track. Find out more about the comparative advantages of continuous carbon technology over chopped carbon rotors.

A robust Carbon-Ceramic formulation, this disc rotor is designed as a durable performance upgrade for high performance cars.  The GTS Racing Edition rotors are an excellent performance upgrade for GT class cars and racing vehicles. The Carbon-Ceramic formulation is designed as a significant performance upgrade for most high performing and luxury street cars.  With a higher initial cold bite and greater friction coefficient, the GTS Carbon Ceramic rotors are an excellent aftermarket OE upgrade replacement.

LeMyth - Brake Pads

The LeMyth F1R brake pad is a Carbon-Carbon continous formulation designed to be lightweight and responsive to the  C-C disc rotor at high temperatures with almost zero brake fade.

A high performing semi-metallic racing brake pad with excellent release characteristics and lower heat conductivity contributing to a responsive pedal feel. This formulation works at high speeds and increased durability.

Consistent in-stop behaviour with good pedal feedback, low heat conductivity, easy bedding and a disc friendly formulation.

Progressive in-stop behaviour with instant pedal response. This formulation has a consistently firm pedal for a wide range of temperatures. Designed with highly developed recovery properties.


The GTS and F3S series brake system aftermarket upgrades are ideal for experienced drivers who want higher performing formulations and compounds than what is available.
Try the Street Edition brake upgrades today and you’ll never go back.

Front or Rear Upgrade Kits

Start from USD $6,299.99
(includes 2 disc rotors, hats and fasteners,
caliper brackets, 4 pcs LeMyth brake pads,
Upgraded Calipers including 2 pcs calipers)

Whole Brake Upgrade Kits

Start from USD $12,099.99
(includes 4 disc rotors, hats and fasteners,
caliper brackets, 8 pcs LeMyth brake pads,
Upgraded Calipers including 2 pcs calipers)


Available Now from USD $5799.99. Sprint and Rally Materials with excellent performance.

Formula 1 Edition

Available Now from USD $7899.99 *Next Generation Continuous Carbon Fiber