LeMyth Technology

A World Class Manufacturing Base

LeMyth's manufacturing base is located in Hi-Tech Park, Feng Cheng in Jiang Xi. Currently we have manufacturing that will cater to the Aerospace division, Railway & Public Transport, Automotive and to Customised Technologies. All facilities are constructed to elite international standards.

Quality Control.

With Shenzhen as the LeMyth headquarters and Jiang Xi as the pre-eminent manufacturing base, leading management practises are applied to guarantee processes and production.

With a dedicated world class facility for research and development, theory-analysis-design-implementation are all strictly managed to ensure delivery of the highest quality finish to our products.
Every brake system is balance tested and track test simulated to pass strict final inspection criteria.

A Little Of Our Story

We create elite components for big industry

Central South University (CSU) is partnered with Ministry of Education in China.
CSU is the only university in China which owns the People Liberation Army’s cultivating base and undertakes military projects and nutures new technologies with the latest scientific research.
CSU was built with an aerospace college, National Defense Science and Technology Research Institute, Key Laboratory of Light and High Strength Structural Materials.

LeMyth R&D team has built a friendly relationship with CSU for a high-performance automobile braking partnership. LeMyth also seeks to preserve professional field talents and has formed the R&D reserved talents club. LeMyth and CSU are helping to redefine the performance brake field.

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