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GTS Street Edition

LeMyth Carbon-Ceramic brakes, uses a material grade T7000 carbon fiber precursor in production, the highest grade quality available. LeMyth Street Edition Rotors can paired with the LeMyth's F3S Hyper-Metallic Brake Pads as a high performance upgrade for most Street applications.

Disc Rotor Comparison

Steel vs Carbon-Ceramic

Less Weight than Cast Iron Steel

LeMyth Carbon-Ceramic Rotors operate with significantly less weight.  Lesser weight will lead to lessened fuel consumption.

More Durable than Cast Iron Steel

LeMyth Rotors last up to 300,000km, which is approximately 8 times the recommended lifespan of most cast iron systems.

High Maximum Operating Temp

LeMyth Rotors can withstand up to 1750°C, and has a thermal shock resistance 5 times greater than a cast iron equivalent.

Cast Iron/Steel Rotors

Cast Iron and Steel have been utilised in brake systems for decades. Limitations in the physical properties of steel at higher temperatures, will make them prone to warping, distortion and cracking at temperatures around 700°C. The wear and tear of metallic pads on Steel rotors usually results in a working lifespan of 30-50,0000 km’s.

LeMyth C-SiC Rotors

LeMyth Carbon-Ceramic Rotors are a 3rd generation evolution in the LCCM material development and manufacturing processes of our advanced braking technology. The Carbon-Ceramic disc rotors have an operating temperature of 1750°C, almost 2 and a half times that of steel, and a significantly lower wear rate with a working lifespan of 300,0000 km’s.

Brake Rotor Comparison – Technical Specifications

Brake Rotor Type
LeMyth GTS C-SiC
Cast Iron
Max Operating Temp °C
Density g/cm¯³
Elastic Modulus GPa
Tensile Strength MPa(=N mm¯²)
Flexular Strength MPa(=N mm¯²)
Thermal Shock Resistance Wm¯¹
Linear CTE K¯¹
1.75~4.41 (RT -1300°C)
9.0~12 (RT -1300°C)
Thermal Conductivity Wm¯¹ K¯¹
Specific Heat Capacity (Cp) kJ kg¯¹ K¯¹
1.75~4.41 (RT -900°C)
0.5 (RT -900°C)
LeMyth Brake Pads best suited to be paired with LeMyth GTS Carbon-Ceramic (C-SiC) Rotors