F2R Racing & Track Edition

High Performance track day and club sport material for a wide application range of performance cars.
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LeMyth F2R Semi-Metallic brake pads are developed to comply with the latest requirements in racing composite brake pad technology and meet or surpass all current performance standards in its class.
Racing Brake Pads for Carbon-Ceramic Rotors

Highest Quality Raw Materials.

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Consistent Medium to High Friction Coefficient
Long wearing Semi Metallic friction material. Specifically engineered for Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Ceramic Rotors.
Wide operating temperature range. High friction coefficient at high temperatures.
Excellent release characteristics
Backing plate made with highest tensile strength steel available
German made performance woven shim
Excellent Fade Resistance

Friction vs Temperature LeMyth F2R Brake Pads

Brake pads best paired with

LeMyth C-SiC Rotors

LeMyth Carbon-Ceramic Rotors are a 3rd generation evolution in the LCCM material development and manufacturing processes of our advanced braking technology. The Carbon-Ceramic disc rotors have an operating temperature of 1750°C, almost 2 and a half times that of steel, and a significantly lower wear rate with a working lifespan of 300,0000 km’s.